Ten Ways Evernote is Making My Life Better


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Evernote is quickly becoming my most relied upon online tool, both professionally and personally. It’s is such a chameleon. (Ha! Loving the animal references!)

There are so many uses for it in every sector of life.

Here’s some of the ways I use it to stay organized and more productive:

1. Recipes

Bowl of Salad

photo credit: VIKTOR HANACEK via PicJumbo

I have photos of my recipes are organized in an Evernote notebook. As a Premium user, one of the features I love is that any text in my images are searchable. This gives me the ability to search for any ingredient and have every recipe with that ingredient come up.

I also have them tagged by type of recipe, so if I need a recipe for a main dish, I can pull up all the notes tagged, “main dish.”

Recipes Notebook2a

When I come across new recipes online, I clip them using the Evernote Clipper and they are added to my Recipes Notebook.

What about Pinterest for Recipes?

I do have a Food Board on Pinterest. But I try to keep it just to food related tips and tricks.  The thing about Pinterest is that it’s not searchable by ingredient, unless that ingredient is in the pin description. So Evernote is really a much better tool for organizing recipes.

(If I do pin a recipe on my food board, I’ll clip the recipe to Evernote after I try it.)

2. Medical Information

Caduceus Symbol

photo credit: colindunn via photopin cc

Medical information can be tough to organize because for most people a lot of time goes by between the times you need it.

That can make it tough to remember it when you need it. With medical information, you never know what the situation might be when you do need it. It could be a crisis situation where you don’t have time to be unorganized!

Recently it struck me that Evernote was the perfect way to organize all this information. I can record a note about every conversation with any doctor, every prescription, every vaccine.

Since Evernote keeps the date of all notes, you can see them in logical order, or search for something specific.

Those hand outs from the pediatrician? I can snap a photo with my phone and in they go. Each note is tagged by person’s name and with “medical.” This way I can keep track of allergies, shots, instructions.

For example, all three of my kids were recently sick. I had one conversation with a nurse, but since they are in varying developmental stages and had varying degrees of symptoms, she had separate instructions for each child.

How in the world was my sleep-deprived brain supposed to keep all that straight? Especially since she was giving me specific dosages that aren’t listed on the bottle (they want you to figure the dose by weight when the child is under a certain age and weight).

Thanks to Evernote, I have a record of that conversation – all three conversations to be exact. I’ve referred to that note quite a bit during this cold and flu season!

Can you see how useful this could be? All your medical history right there in your phone at the doctor’s office when you need it.

What did that other doctor tell me I should ask the specialist? Oh, here’s my note about it in Evernote!

3. Home Projects

Home Improvement Projects
photo credit: Alan Cleaver via photopin cc

I have started keeping track of next steps on home projects. We are on a tight budget but have a lot of project ideas. I keep track of needed items for home projects in Evernote.

Having it all written down in one place helps us budget for them, but also lets me shop for a good deal. If there’s something I like but we aren’t ready to fund that project yet, I can send it to Evernote with the web clipper.

When I’m out and about, if I see something we need to complete a project at a good price, I can snag it without bothering my husband at work with, “What kind of ____ did we need again?”

But this could really work for any project you need to collaborate on with someone else.

4. Accounting


photo credit: reynermedia of via photopin cc

I’ve started keeping expense receipts and payments scanned into Evernote for taxes and records. I can keep track of all my expenses and payments.

These are easily printable from Evernote, and I can search by any amount or word in the image.

5. Capturing Ideas

Light Bulbphoto credit: Jeff Kubina via photopin cc

Inspiration always hits me at the most inopportune times. While driving or out and about, I can’t do anything with my idea. Later, I can’t seem to remember the most important element.

Evernote is great for capturing inspiration. If an idea strikes when I’m away from my computer, (and lets face it, they always do!) I can create a note and jot a few words to jog my memory.

I can even say what I’m thinking into the Evernote App’s voice recorder, which will transpose them into typing in a note if I want!


Quotation Marks

As a writer, I often think of a quote but have no idea where I heard it. Or, I come across a quote and I know I can use it for something but I’m not sure what. Now, I can capture them in Evernote and know who said it and where to find it.

Check out this post by Michael Hyatt for a more in depth explanation of this system if you are a writer or a speaker who needs to organize content to draw from.

7. Client Information

One of my clients sends me a lot of information about multiple (10+) ongoing projects and causes. Each project’s history is as important to keep track of as the newest information. I need to store this large amount of information in an organized way.

With the help a handy service called If This, Then That, all the updates from my client get automatically forwarded from my email account into Evernote.

8. Tracking Groceries

photo credit: Ben Moore via Unsplash

I use the Grocery IQ app on my android phone, which has the option to email a copy of my lists to any email address.

I’ve started emailing a copy of the checked off items on my list to Evernote. The note contains the date, so I can always look at when my last purchase of an item was.

The main goal here is to get an idea of how long it takes us to use up certain items to get better at stockpiling items when they are on sale and getting enough to last until the next sale.

But an added bonus is that while I’m at the store, I might catch a glimpse of say, the Oatmeal and wonder, “Do we need oatmeal?” Then I could look up the last time I purchased oatmeal, and this might help me know the status of my Oatmeal!

9. Other Shopping

photo credit: closet factory via photopin cc

I adapted this great idea for remembering all the books you own, to remember all the clothes we own.

I keep a photo of every closet in our home in Evernote. (That’s not my closet above, by the way! The photo of mine is so less compelling, and far less well-lit!)

When I’m shopping, I can reference my photos to remember what clothes my family has. This helps me buy items that will complete outfits or vary in color from what we already own.

I considered this idea for my pantry, but it changes so often, I’d basically have to take a new photo every time I go grocery shopping. That’s not such a bad idea, but I haven’t implemented it yet.

10. Check Lists

Packing lists, lists of recipes, goals or long-term to-do lists (using Evernote’s “table of contents” feature) are just another way Evernote is helping me stay organized!

So, what are you waiting for?

Click here to get organized and do more with Evernote now!

Over to you: how do you use Evernote? I’d love to hear your suggestions!

by Summer Kelley
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