Free Yearly Planner Pages

Yearly Planner At-a-Glance

Free Yearly Planning Pages

Who doesn’t like a freebie?

I’m ecstatic to offer these super cute (if I do say so myself!) Yearly Planner Pages for FREE!

A few years ago, I wanted a planner that was functional. I also wanted it to be cute so I’d want to use it. Finally, I needed it to be useful year after year. (Once I’ve done something – I hate to have to do it again!)

Even though there are many free downloads and planner books you can purchase for cheap, I decided to customize my planner with the pages laid out exactly how I would best use them.

I’m hoping that there are those of you out there who will find these to be exactly what you want as well!

Free Downloadable Planner Pages

Here’s a preview of what they look like.

Weekly Calender Left Sample Image


Weekly Calendar Right Sample Image


January Left Sample Image


January Right Sample Image

Compiling, Printing and Binding Instructions and Suggestions

Download Links and Printing Instructions

Printing can be complicated because you need to print front and back, but if you follow my steps below, you shouldn’t have any trouble! You’ll need to be familiar with how your printer loads paper, so use a scratch paper and black ink first to test.

  1. Starting with blank paper in your printer, print all the Monthly Calendar Right pages.
  2. Reload all the Monthly Calendar Right pages in the printer and print the Weekly Calendar Left page on the back.
  3. On blank paper, print the Monthly Calendar Left pages.
  4. Remove the one for January and set aside. Print the Weekly Calendar Right page on the back of the remaining 11 Monthly Calendar Lefts.
  5. Print the Year Overview Page on the back of January Monthly Calendar Left.
  6. With blank paper loaded again, print 41 Weekly Calendar Right pages.
  7. Set one Weekly Calendar Right Page aside to be the last page of the weeks. Reload the remaining 40 of the Weekly Calendar Right pages and print 40 Weekly Calendar Left pages on the backs.
  8. Print any desired additional pages, then bind.

Additional Pages for Functionality

What else do you want to do with your planner? Your intentions for it will determine if you want to add any additional pages. Here are some suggestions.

Here are some other great places to find some other free downloads and ideas for a planner:

  1. Life Your Way :: Check out this host of free organizational printables for everything imaginable.
  2. Money Saving Mom :: Browse the free download page for chore charts, cleaning lists and more.


You can purchase the whole thing, pre-assembled, with the pages organized and ordered for you!

The pre-assembled version includes:

1. Yearly overview

2. 12 Monthly Calendar Page Sets

3. 52 Weekly View Page Sets

4. Projects Lists

5. Birthday Gift List

6. Christmas List

7. Yearly Goals Page

8. Quarterly Goals Page

For the quickest and easiest results, I’d recommend uploading this to a printer that prints double-sided.

Click here to buy all the pages put together for you! $2.50

Cover Options

One option is to print a cover page on regular paper or cardstock. Personally, I wanted something even more sturdy for my cover, so I used this method from Life as Mom. (specifically the use of pocket folders as the covers and dividers trimmed to 8.5 x 11)


Of course you could use a three hole punch and put these in a 3-ring-binder, but I love having mine spiral bound. It’s so much more portable. And lets face it: if I don’t take it with me, I won’t really utilize it to stay organized.

You can get your pages spiral bound at a local print shop. It wasn’t very expensive in my area.

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by Summer Kelley
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    Is anyone else having this problem?
    I’d love to get the other half so I can use these.

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